Public Relations is a set of activities designed to increase the positive exposure of an organisation to its markets or target audience.

Often mistakenly seen as a cheaper form of advertising, PR is a quite different weapon in the marketing arsenal.   With PR the objective is to build the reputation of the organisation with its target markets, its customer base and also its employees.

The main difference between PR and advertising is that with advertising you can dictate the message because you are paying for the exposure so you can basically say anything that you want to , as long as it is legal, decent, honest and truthful.

With PR you have to persuade someone to  publish or broadcast your information, so it must be newsworthy.  As you aren’t paying for it you have to make the story interesting, and get it in front of the right people.  It is no good taking the Donald Trump approach and sending out messages, sound bites and tweets giving your personal opinion that your product or service is  “amazing, or great, just great”.  The journalist or blogger receiving that sort of press release will bin it and probably black list any future communications.  They are looking for interesting and newsworthy stories not thinly disguised advertising for your brand.  You need an attention-grabbing or even slightly quirky angle that will encourage the reader into the story.  Followed by some positive claims about your product or service that are true and backed by verifiable proof.

We can offer a bespoke PR service e.g. If you are a localised business the target media would be local newspapers, broadcast media, and relevant websites and blogs.  If you are trading nationally selling to retail and wholesale outlets we will target the national media and also the appropriate trade press. If you are trading internationally we can work with your local distributors in each country to contact the important media in their area.

We would send out regular press releases to the media that are significant to your organisation, and also post these on your own blog, website and facebook page.  Edited versions would be trickled out on twitter using accounts which we would set up and operate for you.  Where possible we also follow up press releases sent to named journalists and bloggers with a personal telephone call or email.