Sales Promotion

A tactical activity, aimed at persuading potential customers to buy the product or service.

While Advertising and PR should be part of your medium to long term strategy, Sales Promotion is normally a short-term tactic to boost sales.

Consumer Sales Promotions can include: BOGOF “Buy one get one free”, BTGOF “Buy two get one free”, special one off time limited discounts or rebates, free shipping if you are a website or mail order company, contests, point of sale materials,  and coupons.

Trade sales promotions mainly have the objectives of increasing stock levels in the distribution chain, selling off an older discontinued model or introducing a new product.  These can involve increasing discount levels for fixed quantity purchases, prizes, competitions and rewards.  Promotions aimed at rewarding retail and wholesale sales staff should by carefully planned as some large organisations will not approve of offers made to their staff.  Although a structured promotion aimed at retail sales staff can work well, especially if the supplier includes staff product training as part of the promotion.

Whatever your requirements we can advise devise and implement sales promotions to achieve your short term business aims.