UK Representation

If your company is based outside of the UK and you are interested in entering Europe’s second biggest economy we can offer you a relatively low cost way to do so.

We can research the potential market at a consumer and retail level and advise you on the best way to develop the market.  This may eventually involve finding a UK distributor to take on your brand.  Initially, and possibly as a long term alternative we can operate as your agent selling into retail, wholesale and website customers.  Of course the method of operation depends on the logistics involved, in particular where your products are manufactured and where your stocks are held.

These are some of the other services we can offer:

  • Developing UK friendly English sales literature
  • Advising on pricing strategy
  • Proof reading and editing instruction manuals
  • Developing new English instruction manuals
  • Setting up and operating a UK based after sales service
  • Preparing artwork for printed materials
  • Organising printing for leaflets, manuals and Point of Sale material
  • Design and development of your logo and brand image

We would be delighted to talk to you.